I spy with my little eye

Am I being followed?

After all the furore about Jim Murray, I thought it was time for something a bit lighter. I was flicking through YouTube after receiving a notification that well known Whisky v-Blogger Ralfy Mitchell has released another video. Great, so I pop to have a look.

I could not believe my eyes! Not more than a week when I reveal that I plan to compare new and old whiskies, Ralfy releases this v-blog.

I’ll beat Scotty’s Drams.

Hahahaha. I had to laugh. As though Ralfy would even bother to read what I write. I’ll look at what he has to say, but my research will just concentrate on the drams I’ve selected.

I just couldn’t believe the coincidence.

Anyway, I hope it raises a small smile. We all need it in these hard COVID times.

Yours In Spirits


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