Taking the “Dog” out…

It’s time for walkies!

Taste Review #10 – Copper Dog.

So far, my taste reviews have only covered single malts, but there is more to whisky than just single malts. And as I have written in my blog in the past, it is foolish to dismiss blends without trying them. I’m not going to review the likes of Famous Grouse, even though I have a wee bit of a liking for it – a recent cold saw me use some in a toddy for medicinal purposes, but I do feel it will be interesting to review the more modern offerings, and with this I offer you Copper Dog.

Like it’s Speyside Blended Contemporary, Monkey Shoulder, the name Copper Dog comes from something in whisky making folklore*. A Copper Dog is a thin copper flask with a chain. They were* for the distillery workers to liberate some illicit whisky from barrels in store. The flask was then hung from the trouser belt by the chain. The name Copper Dog was given as it was always on a lead, it stayed by your side and was a man’s best friend*

This particular blend was developed by master blender Stuart Morrison for the Copper Dog Bar in the Craigellachie Hotel – within sight of Craigellachie Distillery and the River Spey. The whisky bar in the hotel has around 500 whiskies, and this could make a great whisky based trio, with another impressive whisky bar across the road (Highlander Inn). You’re also within a 5 minute drive of the Macallan Distillery.

Two Copper Dogs together

The whisky is made from 8 Speyside Malts, although I have no idea which ones. I am led to believe one is a 15 y.o Knockando, but that is not confirmed. Regardless, let’s go onto the tasting.

(*) This assumes that it is indeed a practice confined to folklore and that distillery workers would never think of liberating free whiskies or walk about with flasks down their trousers. Of course, you never know! 😉


Copper Dog has no age statement


40% a.b.v


Golden Hay


Fruit. Apples, grapes, almost like white wine, cereal notes


Spicy apple, cinnamon, citrus peel. Vanilla


Long finish, sponge cake, malt, nuts, honey.

Copper Dog Dram


This whisky is very smooth and is easily drunk neat. No real strong flavours and alcohol burn, this would be the dog that lies by your feet at a fire side, rather than the hound that enjoys a good bit of leg humping and defecating on the neighbours lawn. Perfect for beginners in whisky. The whisky was actually created with drinking neat, or with cocktails and mixers in mind. I’d suggest if you want to maybe be the dog who enjoys cocking their legs on the odd piece of furniture, then adding a bit of ice and ginger ale will make for a very refreshing drink.

Would I recommend? Yes. Would I buy again? Yes, but I prefer Monkey Shoulder, which I will eventually also review.

Slainte Mhath!

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