Ain’t Going to Goa.

Taste Review #134 Paul John (TBWC Batch 2)

So, in this quick review, we name check an Alabama 3 song when we look towards the dram of the review. It’s a Paul John whisky released by That Boutique-y Whisky Company (TBWC). I felt that just reviewing one whisky from India wasn’t fair, considering the amount of the stuff they make. Thankfully only decent stuff makes it out of the country.

Well, it’s good news all around. I’m not having to go back to India for a wee while. The heat for somebody as pale skinned as I am is a little too much. Plus I’m fed up of eating curry.

Going to keep this one short and sweet, and therefore provide a link to the distillery website here and say that this was a brand which started releasing whisky under its own brand in 2012. Independent bottlers TBWC released this batch in 2016, which amounted to 173 bottles.

Paul John TBWC Batch 2

Region – India Age – 6 y.o Strength – 52.9% abv Colour – Russet Muscat (1.3) Cask Type – Not Known Colouring – Not Stated Chill Filtered – Not Stated Nose – Thick caramel, millionaires shortbread, green apple, slight salt and pepper. Hint of peat smoke. Palate – cooked orchard fruit. Apple, vanilla. Peppery, slight smoke, hint of chocolate Finish – medium long finish. Peppery spices, berry fruit and a whiff of peat smoke and iodine at the very end


Aye, pleasant stuff. If I was going to see this in a bar or a bottle going cheap at auction, I’d spring for it. Smokiness is well controlled and not overpowering for those who don’t like peated drams that much.

A decent introduction to a brand I haven’t tried before and would recommend you try if you haven’t already.

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3 thoughts on “Ain’t Going to Goa.

  1. I got possibility to try 3 Paul John whiskys. They were not easy. From the beginning very harsh , difficult. They needed time to open to become interesting and satisfaying . Worth a try though

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    1. Thanks for your feedback!

      I tend to leave mine breathing without a lid for 20-30 mins before trying. Also a wee drop of water after an initial taste. This one was pleasant but due to living in Speyside I won’t be seeking it out over Scotch. But definitely worth a try!


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