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Taste Review #124 – The One (Sherry Cask)

It’s been a busy time at work and to be honest I just haven’t had the time to put the same effort into every review. Disappointing I know, but sometimes short and sweet is the best.

I came across the Lakes Distillery when a much misjudged article was attached to a Malt-Review regards terroir. I was reminded of this during my last review which was a Waterford whisky. That contentious article is now no longer available, apologies made and hopefully waters are now calmer. I don’t intend on re-igniting anything.

The edition of the one that was reviewed in that fateful article was the Port edition. Now, I’m more of a sherry cask man myself and in my quest to find an English whisky to review as part of my world whisky reviews, I actually ended up with three. This is the most northerly of the trio, which is a blend of British whiskies which have been finished in a sherry cask.

I could tell you all about the Lakes distillery, which has the ethos of expressing the Lakes through flavour, but it would be better for you just to visit their website and find out all about it there.


I’m sure they can do a better job than me of describing their story, but if their whisky is half as beautiful as the Lake District, then we have a corker of a whisky on our hands.

The One – Sherry Cask Expression

Region -England Age – NAS Strength – 46.6% ABV Colour – Tawny (1.4) Cask Type – Blend – Sherry Cask Finish Colouring – No Chill Filtered – No Nose – Dates, Caramel, cereal, chocolate, citrus, dried fruit. Spirity Palate – Sticky toffee pud. Dried fruit, dark chocolate, gingerbread. Syrupy mouth feel with a lingering sweetness. Finish – medium. Chocolate and raisins continue with drying tannins


Yeah, going to hold fast on the short and sweet aspect of this whisky review. And this dram? It is both of these things, and I really liked it. As you can see, it has many of the flavour notes an eating enthusiast such as myself would like. Would I buy it? Yes, I probably would, but most likely as a present for somebody else. I would not be disappointed if I received this as a gift. The only reason I would not buy this for myself is that I am swimming in other whiskies, but I would recommend this. Give Master of Malt 44 of your pounds and they will send you one of these in 70CL format, and may even give 5p change. Of course you can do the decent thing and seek this out at your local specialist whisky emporium and support a local business. At this price it is decent value.

Yours In Spirits


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