A Coat Of Many Colours

Judging the colour of our whisky to avoid undue influence

Colour. It’s so important to us whisky drinkers. Or is it? I am asking this now as I’ve written a little article for release this weekend and it has got me thinking quite a bit. I don’t want to add more to the article for the fear of making it unwieldy and unreadable.

It must be important to us, because I have had several conversations with followers of this page and also those who I join on my Twitter social media feed over this subject. One of the followers of this page works at the Whisky Shop Dufftown, the curators of the Dufftown ‘Whisky Colours Festival’, and the fact the festival mentions colour so directly adds more credence that colour is very important to us as whisky geeks. I suppose those who just drink it don’t give it a second thought, but something has to influence you to buy that bottle in the first place.

The more observant amongst you may have noticed that I have been playing about a wee bit with the format of my blog posts, mostly in the details section of any tasting. Those with 20-20 vision and an acute attention to detail will have noticed the colour I allocate to samples now have a figure in brackets. This relates to a figure on a colour chart that I have started using to make a clear and consistent differentiation between samples, especially if I am sampling more than one in a single review. This is because it is a number assigned to a specific colour on the following colour chart.

Colour Chart

The caveat with this is whether or not I have managed to guess the right colour, but it should ensure that we will have at least have a consistent pattern to my assessment of the colour.

What’s your favourite whisky colour? Does it influence you? I have to confess, I’ve been led astray by colour this month, but that is a matter for the next article.

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5 thoughts on “A Coat Of Many Colours

  1. I usually try to steer clear of color as a decisive criteria. But it doesn’t always work. I’ve just ordered a single cask Glenallachie 10yo from an oloroso puncheon that’s wonderfully dark. The color wasn’t the main reason why I bought it though: I had a sample before and the whisky’s super-sweet and juicy! 🙂 As for my favorite color in a whisky, it’s probably a reddish/rose tone that shines beautifully when I hold the glass against the light.

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  2. My next wee article explains all. I try to base it on tasting notes but this was overridden by a dark spirit that is more commonly in Bourbon casks. As you know it’s not always possible to try before you buy.

    I’ve never had a bad GlenAllachie yet!

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  3. I’m the first to admit that colour plays a massive part in my attraction to a whisky – the darker the better. It’s the first thing that jumps out at me, although these days I’m just as likely to acknowledge the distillery/bottler and the other factors that play a part.

    I think colour appeals to my tastes because, like many, I associate a deep hue with rich, dark fruits and spices. However, as I become more accustomed to my tastes, I am far more robust now in ascertaining if the whisky has been embellished with e150.

    Whilst the addition of colourant isn’t an issue for others, it absolutely plays a part in my whisky purchases these days!

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  4. I’m the same. Darker the better. Sheet casks are my favourite but to be fair not to the exclusion of others. E150 doesn’t bother me too much but I’d rather know for definite whether or not it has been used. I prefer my whisky to be honest.

    I’m still chasing that James Eadie but if I don’t get it I have a back up plan.

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