Happy Birthday To Us

one year of Scotty’s Drams

The saying about time flying when you are having fun has never been so true in this case. Who can believe that it is now one year since I published the first post on my WordPress site? I certainly cannot believe it. For it was sitting in a hotel room in Krakow, Poland – sick to the back teeth of crap on Facebook that I decided to do something that would perhaps distract me from it.

And it is fair to say that it has done. What has it done for me? Well, I’ve been forced to try whiskies that I normally wouldn’t; I’ve had to research and add to my knowledge of the whisky industry; I’ve had to be creative and try to write something that I wouldn’t normally do. All while sandwiching it between a busy career in the energy industry and having a toddler in the house.

As I say continually, I make no concessions on how basic the blog is – I often have to upload it over a very basic internet connection, and when at work don’t always have the time to write. But I hope that for those of you that have bothered to read this that you have appreciated my content and insights – I have certainly enjoyed your input, as on many occasions it has challenged me to look into things a bit deeper.

I do hope that you continue to enjoy what I write – from time to time the weekend articles may repeat themselves to just remind us of the important things, and because I might not have had time to write anything appropriate.

What is important to me is that if you enjoy something I have written or posted, then click like, please share it, especially with your whisky loving pals. Give me feed back. The problem with using a Facebook based site is that due to the algorithms that determine what followers see, if you don’t interact, then you start missing out on posts. More to the point, the more interaction, the more encouraging and worthwhile it becomes for me.

Many people have vBlogs on YouTube; thousands of thousands have written blogs. Many have made their content to be exclusive if you subscribe and pay a monthly amount. I have not done this, and to a large degree, nearly all my samples or bottles are self funded. And this is how it will continue.

Thank you for the first year – let’s make sure the second year is just as successful.

Lastly, you can see Scotty’s drams on Twitter and on Instagram as well as Facebook. Click on the social media links below.

Slainte Mhath!


Index of tastings here

Index of articles here

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Candles Spelling Happy BirthdayEd g2s (Used under Creative Commons licence CC BY-SA 3.0

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