The Wrong Glass….

There is definitely a wrong type of glassware for Whisky.

This article is written at a moment when I am definitely not time rich. So this is probably going to be the shortest article I’ve ever written so far and it contains a confession but also a handy tip, which I am sure none of you will really need, but you never know.

Like most people, I am prone to making the odd silly mistake, and the latest one occurred just after I arrived home from being overseas. I had a small snack, went through to the study and saw a bottle of whisky that is in its later stages of life and getting near to the kill zone, I thought I’d take a quick swig to see if it had improved any with oxidisation.

Bad move.

You see, what you may forget is that you just don’t know what has been hanging around the front of your mouth having just eaten, and I am ashamed to say it was 5 minutes after I put the bottle down I noticed sediment. Or rather a couple of food particles. Now, I’m quite partial to a meaty whisky, but not one from the contents of the local chip shop.

If this has happened to you (and I’m not looking for confessions) you have to get this out of there as soon as possible. Same goes for cork if you have had a failure of the seal as you do not want the taste of your whisky tainted. I had to use an unused clean coffee filter mesh and a clean jug to empty the bottle in to, then a funnel and paper coffee filter to get the whisky back into the bottle. Result – bottle now sediment free.

While the debate over what is the best glass to use rages eternally, with each person having their own view, I can tell you without any hesitation that the bottle is definitely NOT the best glassware for serving.

Take the time, get your favourite glass, and sit down to relax and enjoy the whisky.


Slainte Mhath


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