Cross over to the dark side

Taste Review #30 – Octomore 9.1 Dialogos

It’s no real secret that I enjoy two styles of whisky, sweet or smoky. Sometimes I can go as far as saying I like them both together. Yes, sometimes nothing can beat an excellent Speyside whisky, but sometimes I just want more.

One thing I haven’t done yet on Scotty’s Drams is drink a really young whisky for review. You may think that young whisky is rubbish, but that is not necessarily so. Take a look at one of my much earlier articles about the myths of age by clicking here. We all know that NAS whisky is hiding younger produce, so it is a brave move to advertise an age statement of 5 years.

I sense a challenge!

Having said that, Octomore is just a peated Bruichladdich, so there isn’t a lot of risk here, so when I saw it advertised as the worlds peatiest malt, I was in for a piece of that action.

The Dialogos part of the release name is meant to mean – ‘written or spoken conversational exchange between two or more people, and a literary and theatrical form that depicts such an exchange’.

Personally I think it just represents a heap of marketing bollocks.

Bottle and dram




5 years


59.1% a.b.v


Pale Gold


Smoke. Lots of it. Sweet notes of toffee, vanilla, floral too.


Smooth. No real problems despite being cask strength. Fudge, smoke, oak wood, nuts.


Long, maritime finish with a hint of sea salt. Treacle, molasses, peat.


Despite the peatiness of this whisky, coupled with its youth, it was an extremely nice dram, and if I saw a bottle of it at a good price, I would buy without hesitation. If you are a Laphroaig fan, this is for you. Outclasses Ardbeg completely.

Tube and bottle (tyndrum whisky)

This goes to prove my point in a much earlier article on the blog that young age is not a disqualification from being a decent whisky. If this was a much older dram, it might have lost that lightness and just been overpowering.

Bottles of this are available online for around £115, but always check your local friendly whisky retail specialist. My dram cost £10 for 25ml at the Grill Bar in Aberdeen.

Incidentally, it isn’t the worlds most peated Scotch whisky. For the time being that is the Dialogos 10 year old at a 167ppm. The challenge continues.

Slainte Mhath!

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