The dram of split personality

Taste Review # 27 – Glengoyne 10

the distillery –

This is the last in the trilogy of distilleries that were in the film “The Angels Share”, the other two I’ve previously reviewed being Deanston and Balblair. This is a pretty distillery , dissected by the A81 between Glasgow and Aberfoyle. Underneath the road, the Highland fault line runs, which means that the stills are in the Highland Region, but the warehouses are in the Lowland region. As the stills are in the Highland region, that is the classification it receives. Potentially a dual personality.

from the air – Apple maps

Glengoyne started producing whisky in 1833, and is now owned by Ian Macleod Distillers, whose other distillery is Tamdhu on Speyside.

The still house holds 3 stills, 1 Wash and 2 spirit stills, along with 8 warehouses. Behind the warehouses, the long distance trail, the West Highland way goes past on the course of an old railway line. The distillery would be an excellent place for walkers to take a diversion, as there is a visitor centre on site.

the bottle




This Glengoyne is 10 years old


40% a.b.v


Golden Yellow


Mmmm. Quite sweet. Vanilla fudge, floral notes, apples


Light, herbal, Apples, oak, barley, liquorice. Bit of a spirit kick. Water gave a nuttier taste.


Short, sweet, malty dryness.

the dram


The 10 year old of this distillery is the youngest expression released, and I have to say, for me I found this a bit rough. I don’t know why people rave about this malt, but I am suspecting I need to go for something a bit older. There didn’t seem to be a great depth to this dram, and the complexity was, to my taste, limited.

I might be being a bit harsh, as there wasn’t anything that bad about it, but neat, even though it was 40%, it was ragged round the edges, and I felt I had to add water – something I don’t automatically do for many whiskies. However, I think I would be tempted to try the older expressions.

At around £33 for a full sized bottle, it isn’t too expensive if you want to take a punt. I’ll pass on this one, and see if it is the older expressions that garner the praise.

Slainte Mhath!

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