Eyes Open For Free Whisky!

Now that I have your attention…….

It’s not all that it seems, but potentially there is a way to score free or cheap rarer whisky.

Regular readers of my blog will know of my habit of scouting auctions for miniatures, mostly for taste reviews. One of my particular habits is looking at batches of miniatures and hopefully there will be something there that I’ll want. This weekend was no different, and the Whisky Hammer auction ended, with me being a winner again.

Spot my target…..

If looking for a smaller sample of rare whisky, it’s worth paying close attention to these batches. The main grab of my recent win may be appear to be the Scottish Parliament miniature with the glasses. But look carefully. Although there is a couple of bottles of lower fill, there is also a GlenDronach 12, a Strathisla 8 and even the Royal Lochnagar 12 is at least a single nip. But look closely. A Connoisseurs Choice Brackla 1974. That is my main target.

How do we get the ‘free’ whisky?

I’m not interested in the Scottish Parliament glasses or nip. The GlenDronach and Strathisla don’t really appeal either. So I’ll look out one or two other miniatures I am not interested in, lump them in a wee box, and put them off to auction. As I only paid £22.40 for this lot, if I get £15 back, I’ve only had to have paid £7.40 for a whisky that if I was to buy in a bar would probably cost £10 a nip. So effectively I paid £7.40 for £20 value. That is a steal in my book – over one dram for free.

Moral of this story? If you want to get the bargains, look closely at the fine details of the deals on offer.

Picture Credits

Bottle photos taken from www.whiskyhammer.co.uk under fair use.

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