There’s a Storm Brewing!

Taste Review #7 – Talisker Storm

This miniature was bought for me by my lovely wife. It came in a triple pack that also included Talisker 10 and Talisker Skye. Out of that three, Storm is the smokiest, so I thought I’d give it a go first. My usual go-to peated whisky is Laphroaig, which I can enjoy neat, but would Storm be the same?

The miniature sample

Talisker is situated on the Isle of Skye, part of the Highland classification of malts. Officially there is no Island Category under the SWR 2009 legislation. It sits at the northern end of the village of Carbost in West Skye, and sits directly on the shores of Loch Harport. There is a visitor centre which sells the distillery produce along with selections of other Diageo distilleries as well as other Talisker merchandise. I’ve visited twice, once in 2011 and again with my wife to be in 2013.

The distillery makes a big point of being by the sea, and having dunnage warehouses on the loch shore definitely imparts a brine taste and aroma.

Talisker Distillery looking south towards Carbost village


Talisker Storm is Non-Age Statement.


45.8 % a.b.v


Medium Golden. As is common with Diageo non-cask strength whiskies, this one has caramel added.


A nice speed to the legs, suggesting a younger, higher alcohol content. However this is only a medium strength whisky.


Smoke. And heaps of it. Once poured, I left it to sit for a while, and the aroma of a medicinal smoke was filling my nostrils. Smelling it close up, I could detect brine, pepper and an oaky, woody smell.


A bit harsher than what I’ve become used to, which I was surprised with. I do like a peaty whisky, and this one reminded me of a young Ardbeg. However there was slightly more depth to Talisker Storm than Ardbeg 10. Definitely smokey with a light chilli pepper burn, but I didn’t detect the sweet notes initially, but with a teaspoon of water, this killed a bit of the peppery taste and left the sweeter elements of smoke there. Quite pleasant.


For me, the peppery finish continued with a bigger woody taste. The sweetness then became apparent towards the end. Felt the finish was a bit short, but left a feeling of having been to a BBQ in your mouth. The addition of water mellowed this out a fair bit.

Full Size bottle. Available at all good whisky retailers.

Talisker Storm is widely available in the UK and costs around £38 – £44. Shop around online and you may get it slightly cheaper.

It’s a pleasant dram to have although for me not amazing, and for me certainly not neat. I’d still pick Laphroaig 10 before this. What is amazing is the branded hoodie that I bought still fits, despite me being a middle aged “eating enthusiast!”

It’s also funny, that when I last visited Talisker with my wife, we also visited Dalwhinnie on the same trip. I only liked Talisker 10 with water, yet my wife preferred it neat, however the reverse was the case at Dalwhinnie. For me, it’s still the same – Talisker needs water, Dalwhinnie doesn’t. But in both cases, another nip is needed. And that’s just what I’m off to do!

Slainte Mhath!

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